What was COVID effect on public health? How people adjust to COVID? COVID and business- damage or new opportunities? Government support to the people and businesses- was it enough? 


Experts and people from different countries:

RUSSIA- Nikolai A. Vinogradov, Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs KPP Deputy Chairman

INDIA- Mansi Sherma, Purnima Anand, BRICS international forum President

TAIWAN- Chia-Ying Liu Far Eastern Memorial  Hospital Assistant Professor

GERMANY- Hans Bayer, Northstar Corporate Finance Partner

ITALY- Eugene Utkin, Eurasia News       Deputy Chief Editor

BANGLADESH- Dato’Goonahlam Subramaniam K-link international General Director

BELORUSSIA- Alexander Bezberdy Northstar Corporate Finance Partner

CZECH REPUBLIC- David Wolfe, Northstar Corporate Finance Partner

SINGAPURE- Eugene Seah, Trainium Academy, Chief Coach

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